New double-line letters to be available soon. Here with cool hearts.

Happy Birthday Karlo!!!!

party like it’s…er…

First order for New Year’s! In 4”, 2”, and 1” sizes. Makes me wish it were cold outside.


pillows for Lauren

I made these pillows for a friend of mine who loves color. Don’t they remind you of the sun and the sea? :)


Some amazing images of the cookies from my good friend Kate Sears.

a few things to do with shortbread

Ina Garten’s shortbread cookie recipe is, to me, pretty perfect. (Welll, I do add a little extra salt, but I always do that with cookies.) Roll them out thick (1/2”) and dust with powdered sugar when cool for single-serving cookies; for ice cream sandwich layers, roll them out thinner (1/4”) and dust with granulated sugar before baking.

Thank you gifts:

(so happy I learned from confettisystem not to be afraid to sew onto paper!)

Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Carefully wrap the bottom layer in foil, to hold in the ice cream until it’s frozen and wrappable:

After about four hours they are ready to wrap in wax paper:

…and eat: